Feature, function and service overview for you

Which features are always included?

Professional Bounce Management offers you a whole range of features. These are grouped as follows:

  1. Features around your websites
  2. Your options for redirection
  3. Your guarantee for best performance
  4. Service for you
  5. Extensions according to your needs

We will gladly describe the contents and possibilities in detail as follows. .

Features around your websites

Professional Bounce Management is of course used on your pages. You have the possibility to unlock websites on subdomain level. In general, the configuration is designed to avoid accidental use.

You can define a so-called TBR - Time Between Redirects - per website. If a visitor of your website has been redirected, this describes the time period in which the user does not receive any further redirection. This is your spam protection: if a user specifically searches your website, he will only be redirected once. The default value is 3 hours, but you can choose anything from milliseconds to years.

For the redirection and the TBR to work, all page impressions are stored in a database. Of course, you can decide yourself when these data are deleted. By default this happens after 7 days. You can increase and decrease the values according to your privacy policy. The only restriction is that it must be larger than the TBR.

Of course, you can also simply set Bounce Management on websites to inactive. In this case no more data will be saved and no more redirections will be made. However, the entire configuration is retained and becomes effective again when it is activated again.

Your options for redirection

Before you even think about the redirection to the second chance, you will probably think of pages where a redirection would be out of place. Typical cases would be your AGB or your imprint. Professional Bounce Management allows you to exclude pages from any redirection!

The target of a redirection can be any page. It doesn't matter if the destination is on the same page, another page in your possession or a page at a third party - you have complete freedom!!

Of course you can limit redirection rules to certain URLs of your website. This way you can specify that a rule should apply to all subpages of your website, to certain subpages or subpages of a certain pattern or have certain parts in the URL. The use of wildcard matching is therefore possible without any problems!

Furthermore, you can restrict the redirection rules to all fields of the transmitted HTTP header. For example, you can only redirect if the browser transmits a certain language or if it has previously called a certain page (the referrer). This allows fine granulation and the consideration of advertising campaigns.

Of course, you can also specify on your website where the redirection should lead to. After all, you know your users and their needs best.

Service for you

Professional bounce management is usually simple - and sometimes extensive. We will gladly support you! Consulting during implementation, selection of redirects or optimization of your website - that's not only a matter of course, but all inclusive!


You need performance? We offer performance! Our two versions "Bare Metal" and "Cloud Ahoy" can be scaled as you like. With "Bare Metal" you can put together the required number of servers yourself. This computing power is then exclusively at your disposal. Professional Bounce Management is horizontally scalable almost indefinitely.

Whoever has reached for the cloud is just as fast on the road. The scaling is done by us. We make sure that there is always enough capacity available to provide the best possible service.

And with all this, data protection is not neglected. No personal data of your users is collected. The necessary cookie only contains a randomly generated value and will be removed by itself after the spam protection expires. So no conclusions can be drawn about the visitors!

Extensions according to your innovative ideas and needs

Innovation drives your business and sets you apart from the competition? So you have constantly evolving needs that go beyond what we offer? Very good! If you choose the "Bare Metal" option, we will be happy to implement your ideas and expand the service according to your needs. Talk to us!


Basic, Silver, Gold, XXL or Premium? For us you are not a package! Together with you we will find the right technique and the right price. Because we pursue a common goal: more satisfied customers! Get in touch with your personal guidance Torsten Zühlsdorff at tz@bounce-management.com!