How effective is Bounce Management?

How effective is Bounce Management?

A user can leave your website in different ways:

  1. The user can close the browser window
  2. The user clicks Back in the browser to return to the previous page

Bounce management always gives you a second chance as soon as the user uses the back button of the browser. But how often does this happen? Here is an overview with real data from selected domains:

Diagram zur Wirksamkeit von Bounce Management

As you can see, the bounces with redirections to a "second chance page" vary between 20 and 72%. Apart from the different user behaviour, there are other reasons for this variance: for example, not every domain uses the second chance on allsubpages. Which domain could that be in this diagram?

The average success rate for redirections via all sites of our customers is 46%. This means,that they can redirect almost half of the lost customers!

Our honest recommendation is still: try out professional bounce management simply,without obligation and free of charge! Of course, your personal contact Torsten Zühlsdorff will advise you for an optimal experience. Just send a short e-mail to!


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